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Seems ScanGauge has many predefined things it monitors, but to set up for transmission and engine oil and I think water temps you have to program in some “XGauge” codes relative to your vehicle. I went to their website and honestly cannot make “heads nor tails” about their referenced codes.
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ScanGauge II3-in-one Automotive Computer ... guarantees the acceptance and observance of the Code of Ethics by all the member companies and also the quality and ...
The ScanGaugeII can check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and if found, can display how many there are and the Trouble Codes themselves. Using the internet or repair manuals, these can be translated to the failed component and repairs can be made. Clear Trouble Codes Oct 24, 2013 · I keep a cheap print-off in each vehicle I own of all the GM DTC's and I use my ScanGauge II to check them from the ECU's. This program is nice though, it's not just the code, but it leads you in the right direction to find the solution. Several of the codes from here are not working on PX3, I've been meaning to figure it out and put a post up of what works. eg. * EGR open percentage reads from 0 to about 8000 and jumps around like a random number, several times per second. * Auto gear doesn't work at least on the 10 speed, always reads 0.
Here is x-gauge code from ScanGauge II website for my truck. I wanted to install ScanGauge II somewhere that it does not block other vital displays. Unit has two RJ-45 style jacks – one on the side and one on the back so you get some choice of cable location. Here are step by step instructions: 1. Remove the cover of ScanGauge II.
I have not found xgauge codes that work for the O2, short term fuel trim or long term fuel trim. 2012 Accent, black with gray interior, auto.ScanGauge Le ScanGauge est simple à installer et ne nécessite aucune autre source d'alimentation supplémentaire que le connecteur OBD II. Il y a, cependant, quelques considérations importantes à pren-dre lors du choix d'un emplacement pour votre ScanGauge. Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements, reportez-vous à la section Installation.
As previous post said you should contact Scangauge to see if they have developed a code for your particular vehicle however as it cannot be taken as a given that they have. Of this style of OBD2 readers Scangauge 2 is the only one that can have these extra gauges programmed in. Infiniti OBDII Readers OBD2 Code Tool Scanner With more improvements and innovation the Infiniti car giant now has an Infiniti OBD reader. An OBD reader is a an electronic gadget that allows you to insert into your personal computer OBD diagnostic port so that you can get access of important information from your Infiniti.OBD stands for On–Board Diagnostic this means as you drive you will be ... Jul 24, 2012 · I read recently that someone managed to get Scangauge to work on PROTON persona elegance. He mentions that the new Scangauge has updated firmware and should work with Campro based engine. I certainly have doubts as it was unlikely (in my opinion) that Scangauge people would consider upgrading their kit for such a small market.
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