Lexus battery drain problem

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Things like taking an excessive amount of short drives, extreme temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit or below 10 degrees Fahrenheit and loose or corroded battery cables will drain your vehicles battery. . If your vehicle’s battery is three or more years old, have your car battery tested to determine whether it’s time to replace.
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Dec 29, 2015 · I believe that the more likely cause is some electrical problem that is causing a continual drain on the battery, similar to when you leave a light on. I don't think it should be too hard to rule out the first possibility. Measure the battery charge after driving some distance and then turning off the engine.
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Electrical. Battery Service; Electrical and Computer Diagnosis; Electrical and/or Wiring Problems; Generator Work; Starting & Charging Diagnosis; Program Smart Keys and Keyless entry remotes
Sep 07, 2018 · The most likely problem is a dead or drained battery. If that's good, then your battery cables might be dirty or your starter may be going bad. Rule these things out before you spend any time troubleshooting other possibilities. Usually, the problem falls into one of two categories: a dead car battery or a loose battery connection. If the battery is dead, it does not mean this is the only problem you now face. Other causes for a car failing to start are a bad starter or relay. If the starter is good, the last likely culprit is a bad alternator. It seems Gear S3 battery drain issues have made a comeback, with users complaining about heavy drain for no rhyme or reason. It's another hint that the problem may be an update, although no solutions have been offered by Samsung yet. Original story follows.
It should avoid all the possible power drain. Now, again the car will not start. It looks like an alternator problem, but the symptom is kind of wired. What happened is after I connected the battery, all the door lights were very bright, after I started the car, the panel flashed once, and turn dark immediately. All lights were gone. Nov 14, 2012 · The low battery is a possibility but the fob I'm using has a 2 month old battery (I replaced it when I was having trouble remote unlocking the doors at the recommendation of the dealership. Stupid me - it was an early warning sign that the steering lock assembly was about to go out).
Prevent battery drain while your vehicle is stored with this heavy duty battery cutoff switch. This durable cutoff switch has two removable key locks to disconnect power and prevent theft. Prevents battery drain when vehicle is in storage switch good battery from a working fob to a fob that registers low battery, if you still get low battery now that you've got a working battery in it then it's the problem with a fob. 2007 infiniti fx35, 2008 mercury mariner hybrid Ergo, my only suspect in my battery drain. haha I disconnected it for a month and locked/unlocked my car manually, and left my car sitting for 3-4 days when on trips. Community dedicated to Lexus IS Enthusiasts. Come in and enjoy our articles, galleries and information on aftermarket parts for the...
The information contained on is for general information and advertising purposes only and is not to be considered legal advice nor does it substitute for the advice of an attorney. A dead bulb won’t prevent a socket from receiving power, and it doesn’t take much to drain your battery when it’s sitting. For all of these tests and activities, a smart battery charger is your best way to go. Being able to diagnose and repair batteries at home will save you a lot of money at the mechanic.
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